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"Russia is strong because of the peoples' friendship!"

We are the students and teachers of Lyceum #33 Ivanovo, Russia. More than 10 years ago, we have learnt about Peace One Day and have decided to take part in it. Nowadays, we share the ideas of this celebration to everyone and would like as many people as can to join us and our activities.

Who will you make peace with?

#КонкурсДеньМира #UPF #GlobalGoals #ЦУР #PeaceDay #ДеньМира

If  you are here, you have learnt about Sustainable Development Goals and the Problem of Peace is one of them, which is very important.

Can children, students change our planet for the best? What can we do?

We invite you to show other people that we care, we are responsible for our countries, we can do many things together and live happily without any conflicts and wars.

Peace One Day 2018 Activities

If you are ready to be a part of our international family you should send a request to with the comment "Peaceful Days". 

The request
Peaceful days around the World.pdf
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Choose any activities you want to join and involve in them as many students, teachers and parents as you can. Don't forget to take pictures and make videos of your activities.  To get certificate, send your pictures or links with pictures and videos to

1. Football matches.

How often do your students and teachers play football?  Peace One Day is a nice event when you can have fun and play this wonderful game.

Play football, take pictures and make a video.

Send your files to

2. Dancing marathons. 

Let's dance together. Show us how brilliantly you dance - your mates, your teachers and parents, together or alone. Be creative and share your emotions.

Dance, take pictures or make a video.

Send your files to

3. We draw PEACE (Peaceful Wall).

How do you imagine our planet without conflicts and wars?  What is PEACE for you?  Let's take bright colours and show everyone our wonderful life.

Draw, take pictures or make a video.

Send your files to

4. Read Aloud Day about Peace.

Do you like reading? Let's read together a very exciting fairy tale about peace.

Ask some students to read the parts of the story and make a video.

Download it and send a link of your video to

Fairy tale "The Sword of Peace"

English version.pdf
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5. Pinwheel for PEACE.

Ask older students to show a workshop how to make pinwheels to smaller students. Get all students to be involved in this activity and take pictures or make a video how you work together. Don't forget to count your pinwheels. 

Send your pictures and videos to

6. Poems  about PEACE.

Do you like poetry? Let's make some videos, reciting the poems about Peace around the world. 

Also, you can use Buncee  and  make your own poems. Share your works.

Make a video or send a link with your buncee to

7. Skype collaboration.

Let's discuss the next topic together: "What can students do for PEACE?". Students around the world are ready to  meet each other and make friends. If you would like to have skype lesson with Russian students, be sure that you wrote date and time of our meeting and we will try to do the best for our collaboration.